Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Full automatic terminal crimping machine is the main products manufactured by Chulun for more than 30 years of professional experiences. Chu Lun has restlessly devoted to the introduction of various models of coat-effective automatic products with an aim to help and users in promoting high productivity, low cost and sharp competitive edge.



Operating method: Manual, single cycle and auto (Continuous). The display unit is a touch panel. Let user easy to control.
Variable stripping length: Contact full screen display. The wire strip length can be adjusted on main control panel.
The wire length quantity and numbers of lots can be set by the display. EX: cut deep, feed terminal length and crimp depth.
The time-start function may further increase production efficiency.
Automatically shutting down the machine during exceptional condition and displaying the inspected condition on the monitor for conveniently, rapidly eliminating the conditions and reducing shutting down time.
The crimping device is smaller and designed by module. It is easy for change when crimp the different terminals.
The display device is activable. It is easy for user operating.