Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Machine

We manufacture automatic wire cutting stripping machine, the features are listed as follows:


Using servo motor for controlling the operations, such as wire cutting, stripping and the like, for precise cutting length.
Using button switch for configurations of length switching, full-stripping and half-stripping, which is easy and fast.
Using rotational fine tuning for switching of stripping length and cutter depth, which is easy and fast.
The time-start function may further increase production efficiency.
Three speed segments, depending on the configuration of wire material specification, for reliable production of thick and thin wires. 
Automatically shutting down the machine during exceptional conditions, and displaying the inspected conditions on the control panel for conveniently and rapidly eliminating the conditions and reducing the shutdown time. 
Best featuring at less regulating techniques, waste wires, shorter regulating time, and easy and convenient operation.